Balayage Hair Colour & Highlights Experts In Kent

Balayage is one of our most requested hair services. But why is the on-trend hair colouring technique so popular? And what is it exactly? Here’s why our stylists think balayage creates such flattering, fabulous effects on pretty much any hairstyle and colour.

What is balayage hair colour?

Like many chic and stylish sensations, balayage comes from the French and it means ‘sweeping’. Picture colour being painted on with brush strokes, and you’ve got the general idea.

Highlights have always been created using a cap or foils. The coloured streaks are uniform. Balayage moves away from that formalised structure with stylists or colourists using a freehand technique. Our hair colour experts paint on the highlights with stronger colour at the tips than at the roots. The shade flows down the hair, getting lighter along the way.

What are the benefits of balayage?

 Low maintenance – this is an easy going look. It’s not a perfect, solid colour that needs frequent updates. It’s the equivalent of a tousled, rough dry rather than a sleek, time-consuming blow dry.

 Natural looking – think sun-kissed streaks and tips rather than a block colour or formulaic stripes of hair colour.

 Less noticeable regrowth – your natural hair colour will blend into the balayage hair colour. You don’t get that obvious root regrowth that needs a frequent touch up.

 Bespoke – you can choose whether you want a few sun-kissed strands of hair or lots of colour added throughout. We’ll tailor the effect to suit you.

 Flexible – it works well on long hair or short hair. Brown, blonde, red, auburn or grey hair colours can be lifted and enhanced by balayage.

 Flattering – expertly applied balayage hair colour will enhance your facial features and transform your look.


You’re in safe hands with our expert colour technicians. They’ll chat with you to make sure they achieve the result you want.

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to balayage. It can be tailored to suit you. You may have heard of things like babylights, root or colour melts, baby balayage or freehand technique highlights. They’re all a variation on the balayage hair colour method. To compliment the balayage highlights, toner may be applied to achieve the best colour result.

Our foil highlights for balayage are a little bit different. We use foil alternatives which are made from recycled materials, they’re non-toxic and biodegradable. Plus, we can reuse them rather than throw them away after every use. And guess what our colouring bowls are made from? Not plastic, but straw!

To maintain top condition of your hair, you should try Epres- our recommended treatment for balayage, ombré and other hair colours.


What do I need to know about my balayage appointment?

If it’s your first balayage treatment, we recommend you chat to one of our expert colour technicians before your appointment to discuss the effect you want to achieve. We can take a look at the colour, style, length and condition of your hair to decide on the best approach.

We require all new clients to have a 48-hour patch or skin test for any colour service, to be renewed if you have not had a colour with us in the last 6 months.

How long will it take? That all depends on whether you have short or long hair and the effect you want. Adding a few face-framing highlights will be a quicker process than adding balayage to your full head of hair.




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